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With a month left before we hit the road, I thought I would detour and talk about adoption and the many ways it has completely changed our lives.  I will be doing a three part blog series on our adoption journey.  I have no idea how long it will take to write, because some of the things I’ll share still hurt.  And may possibly offend some that have walked a similar path, but this is our story and my feelings (which are always evolving).

Photo credit from Pinterest

Photo credit from Pinterest

Tim and I had discussed adoption long before we had our amazing little boy Griffin.  We felt that if we had the love to give and the means to share that love with someone else, then we should, because every child should feel loved and have security.  As I write that statement now, it sounds so wrong and so naive.  Don’t get me wrong, every child does deserve love and security, it’s just my views of how to give that have changed.

You can make plans

After all that’s said, I love adoption, I’m the lucky mom to an awesome little girl because of it, but it comes with such a loss for first families.  And that is sometimes a really hard thought to swallow and has lead to many feelings of guilt over the past year.

Amelia’s story and every adoption story is so unique and one of a kind.  I love to tell her story and have told and wrote about it often.  She has heard her story many times, even though she does not understand yet, someday she will.

The Journey to Amelia:

“We received a call from our adoption agency on Wednesday, December 18th and were asked if they could show our profile to an expectant mom whose due date was the following day.

I was called later that afternoon (Tim was sleeping since he was in the middle of his turn on nights), and told that the expectant mom had picked our profile and wanted to meet us the next day in Indy.  So we planned to leave once Tim was home from work the next morning.

We met with expectant mom Chelsea and her grandmother at the agency and talked for a couple of hours.  We were complete strangers is a very different and somewhat awkward situation, but the conversation was very easy and laid back.  We left each other with a new found friendship.

That Thursday night (Chelsea’s due date), Tim went off to work on the hour of sleep he got during the car ride home.  I had just put Griff to bed when my phone rang and it was our agency, which has always caused a flood of many emotions when I saw that name pop up on caller ID.  The agency’s director told me we needed to pack our bags and head back to Indy because Chelsea’s water broke!

So, I called Tim’s emergency number at work since he was on night shift and spoke to his co-worker in the pulpit, where Tim is hardly ever at, but happened to be standing right there!  It was a whirlwind of emotions going through both our heads.  I thought I would have had a few days to unpack our baby things and figure out where Griffin would stay, apparently God had other plans.

Well, it was déjà vu driving back to Indy in the same day!  We arrived at 1:30am and Chelsea, her grandmother and her dad were all resting comfortably when we got there.  I stayed in the hospital room and slept on the floor on a mattress for 3 days and Tim slept on various couches and chairs throughout the hospital.  We felt somewhat homeless, spending the day scouting the most comfortable places to sleep.  Mind you, Tim was on night shift and had only slept about 2 hours in 2 days, so we got a hotel for napping and showering.

I stayed with Chelsea throughout the whole delivery and we welcomed miss Amelia Marie on Sunday morning December 22, 2013 at 5:55am.  She was 7.5 pounds and 20.5 inches and beautiful!

After two more days in the hospital, me in the room with Chelsea and Amelia, and then Tim staying in the hotel, we managed to get a little more sleep.  However, I can not even begin to describe the emotions we experienced over the next few days.  They still seem so vivid and raw, but ones that I will cherish forever.

We brought our beautiful little girl home on Christmas Eve!”

Amelia Marie

Amelia Marie

Amelia’s birth mother, Chelsea, has a very special place in my heart and we will be forever connected!  She is the most selfless person I know, at just the young age of 18, and I could not be more amazed at the decisions and sacrifices she made.  It’s still heartbreaking to think about.  I truly hope that when Chelsea’s ready, we will meet again.

*I have tears just writing this story as it brings back so many emotions and memories from that experience.

Part 2 will be a hard glimpse into our journey of international adoption.  See it here:  http://satisfyingourwanderlust.com/the-hard-road-to-changing-hearts

Part 3:  http://satisfyingourwanderlust.com/beauty-from-ashes/

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