National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and my very raw and torn feelings on adoption are still present. Seeing all of the posts celebrating adoption is wonderful and there are truly amazing stories out there. We happen to live one right now. Our beautiful daughter came to us via domestic adoption and we wouldn’t change it for the world. But, we have no idea how she’ll feel about it when she becomes a tween, teen or adult; nor would we dare to guess. One thing I hope and pray that she feels is loved! Loved by us and by her birth mom. (You can read more in depth on our adoption journey below in previous blog posts) 
However, we have also lived through an extremely difficult loss of a beautiful boy from Ethiopia, that we pray has made it into loving arms of someone in his first family. That time we spent in limbo, opened our eyes to the stories of great loss felt by first families and adoptees themselves and their very real struggles. You can read about them here:

I believe all children deserve loving families and adoption is certainly one option, but not the only option. I feel that so much more can be done in areas of family preservation, adoption regulation, and improved vetting of adoptive and foster families.

In the end, we will celebrate this National Adoption month for the joys that our little girl has brought us. However, thoughts of those that are dealing with the struggles of loss that may never go away, will continue to be in the forefront. My perspectives on adoption are always changing and evolving as I grow in this beautiful mess of life; and looking forward to what my precious girl will teach me in the future!

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